Fall 2017

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male=need males female=need females

Team Colors Division Logo
50 Shadesfemale Grey B1
Adrenalinefemale Royal blue or white C1
Amped FCfemale Black/Blue A2
AZ Heat Charcoal and orange D1
Aztecs FC Red w/Black A2
BBBfemale Green D2
BNI Maroon E2
CF ARMY Pink / Neon Green B1
Con Fuego red and yello wstriped A1
Cool Arrows Black A2
DaKine White or Black D2
Desert Thunder Blue E1
Falcons Black C1
FC HOOLIGANSfemale Maroon C1
FFC Grey/Royal Blue C2
Galatasaray Maroon B1
Honey badgers Blue E1
Javelinas Purple E1
Lucky charms Kelly green B2
Mad Madera White E1
Matrix Light Blue/Black E2
Mean Beansfemale gray/ maroon D2
Merlot Mob Purple and black E2
Oxygen Red B2
Peligro Pink B2 Peligro
Pouncing Pumas Gray/Black B1
Rangers FC Purple A1
Real Loudmouths Orange/Black A1
RTD FC Royal blue and white C2
Scorpions female Grey D1
Scrappers Pink D1
Sherbert FCfemale Orange A1
Sombreros of Fury Silver C2
Synergyfemale Blk/What or Blu/Wht C2
Team Angry 🙂 Red C1
Team RWB Red White & Blue E2
The Pink Team Pink A2
Tucson United FC Red over black D1
United Yellow or Maroon D2