Forming Teams

Teams wanting to participate in the Tucson Adult Soccer League are required to submit a Team Application Form by the stated deadline on the league’s Calendar page for each season they intend to participate in. Teams must meet the Roster requirements stated in the league’s Rules and Regulations.

Team Requirements

  • Each team must have a designated primary and secondary team representative (Team Rep). The Team Rep responsibilities are stated below.
  • Each team is responsible for helping set up and take down the nets and flags for the first and last games of the evening, respectively. If your team fails to assist in these activities and the referee is so informed, your team will be deducted up to TWO Sportsmanship Points.
  • Each team must help pick up all trash (including tape, water bottles, wrappers, etc.) from the field areas after game. If your team fails to do so and the referee is so informed, your team will lose one Sportsmanship Point.
  • ALL players MUST check-in with an official prior to entering the field pf play. Failure to do so will result in a caution for the player failing to check-in. If the player who entered the field illegally is not on the printed roster, the player and his/her team rep will be sanctioned in accordance with the Sanctioning Guidelines for Misconduct.

Team Rep Responsibilities

The Team Rep has an important role to play in the success of the team throughout the season. The Team Rep’s role is to organize and direct your team. Team Reps have no special privileges, and they are not necessarily the captains of their teams. They are, though,  administratively accountable to the league.

Team Documents

Team Application Form – All prospective team representatives are required to submit this form every season by the stipulated deadline. Submitting this form registers your team as a candidate team for the next season.

Roster Management Form -This form allows Team Reps to monitor the status of their rosters for the current season, or for the upcoming season after Week 5 of play, when no more roster changes can be made. An access code is required to view this page. If you are a team rep and need an access code, please contact the Team Rep Coordinator.