• All players must fill out and submit a Player Application Form once every season.
  • Pay your registration fee on-line.
Please select the league you want to join below. You will be taken to the proper registration page.

New Players

In addition to the above, new players must:

  • E-mail a digital copy of your driver's license to the Registrar HERE. This is so we can verify your age and address.
Note: Players new to the league will be checked for conduct issues with other leagues in town. Players serving suspensions with other leagues for conduct or other serious issues will not be allowed into the TASL.

You are considered REGISTERED when:

  1. you have completed the on-line application form
  2. we have received your payment
  3. we have received copy of your drivers license (new players)

Unaffiliated (Open) Players

If you do not have a team to play on and would like to apply to play in the TASL, please visit our open player registration page and submit your information. We will only share that information with team reps and it will be used strictly for team placement. There is no guarantee that you will be placed in a team. The interested team rep will contact you directly. If you are accepted to the team, you can complete your regular player registration and payment process as described above.

We recommend  you visit the Teams page and find teams at your desired skill level.

NOTE: If a player registers for a team without permission from the team rep, the team rep can remove that player from their team roster.

Team Registration

  • Every prospective team representative shall submit the on-line Team Application Form by the specified deadline. Once the application is received and approved by the league, your team will be available as a choice in the Player Application Form. Registering players can select your team as their choice, building up your roster. You can track the status of your team by visiting the Team Registration page. Players are considered registered once their payment is received, and for new players, a copy of their drivers license.
  • Teams must have 15 registered players, including a minimum of 5 female players, to be considered eligible to play the first week of games. Failure to meet this deadline makes a team subject to the late registration fee of $100 and may jeopardize the team's spot in the league if there are teams waiting for a spot. Assuming spots are available for that season, a team may play once they meet the 15 player requirement and paid their late fee.
  • To add players to your team, they must register online and select your team as their preference. If you need to remove or change a player, please contact the Team Rep Coordinator.
  • There is a $100 late fee applied to team registrations submitted after the due date.
  • Returning teams meeting the Sportsmanship Points requirement will have priority over new teams up to the registration deadline. After that time, the league will add new teams or late-registering teams up to the maximum number of teams for that season on a first come, first served basis.
  • New Teams MUST notify the Team Rep Coordinator of their intention to join the league to ensure proper coordination and consideration. There are no guarantees that new teams will be accepted into the league as we are constrained by field availability. Not notifying the board of a new team may result in that team not being accepted for that season, even if all other requirements have been met.
  • If a properly registered team is not selected for play due to space limitations all fees paid will be returned to the team representative.

Adding Players

  • COMPLETE registrations for added players must be received by Monday to be included in that week's rosters
  • ALL players that have submitted a Player Application Form will be listed in the Team Reps Roster Management Form, indicating if their payment has been received.
  • The Team Rep is responsible for checking the eligibility of players before each match. If a player plays before they are officially registered, the Team Rep will serve a one game suspension.
  • No added players after the FIFTH week of play.