The Fall is kicking off with a passion and TASL is reaching all new heights of participation.  We now are rock solid with 42 teams but the perfect storm for everyone is an even 44.  This would allow us to host 4 divisions with 11 teams, 1 BYE, and a perfect competition table of 10 games where everyone plays each other exactly once.

This would put us in a fantastic English League like standard and allow us to clearly and cleanly include relegation and promotion.  In this scenario, the 1st team would rise to the next level above and 11th team would drop down to the division below. TASL will also award the top teams in each division with additional prizes to commemorate success on the field.  We believe this will add much to the quality of the experience we wish to provide.

Of course, the sportsmanship awards will go on since we adamantly want to acknowledge great behavior on the field so that the TASL experience is fantastic for all.

Therefore, we are looking for two soccer leaders to step up, pull in teammates not already on current teams, and  build two more teams for the best sporting experience possible.  First come, first serve to declare your interest and organize your teammates (15 is the minimum total roster and you must host at least 5 females).

If you are serious about this opportunity, email

Looking for 2 more teams for the Fall

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