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League Administrator The League Administrator is responsible for organizing and overseeing the events that take place in the Adult Soccer League, conducting meetings and prepare agendas for meetings, and keeping team representatives informed.
Referee Administrator The Referee Administrator oversees the referees that participate in the league and ensures they know our league rules and responsibilities. The Referee Administrator is also provides reports pertaining to officiating at Board meetings, enforces disciplinary actions against referees as directed by the Board, and assigns referees to our scheduled games.
Field Coordinator The Field Coordinator is responsible for identifying and scheduling fields for the league, representing the league in field coordinating and scheduling activities, and interfacing with field managers for problem resolution and reporting.
Secretary The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at our board and league team representative meetings. These minutes will be accessible on line at our web site The Secretary also helps with distributing all flyers and newsletter information.
Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for all money transactions, deposits, and all checks being written for league expenses, including referee checks distributed at the fields.
Registrar The Registrar is responsible for coordinating player registration into the league, ensuring the proper documentation is submitted with each application, and that the player's information is current.
Safety Coordinator The Safety Coordinator is responsible for making sure the fields and field equipment are safe. The Safety Coordinator also assists and coordinates the filing of claims reports as needed.
Game Scheduler The Game Scheduler is responsible for generating the game schedules and proper bracketing of teams to ensure competitive play while providing a safe, fun, and fair experience for all players.
Discipline and Rules The Discipline and Rules administrator is responsible for the review of disciplinary issues and the enforcement of remedies in accordance with the league Rules and Regulations.
Team Rep Coordinator The Team Rep Coordinator is responsible for helping the team representatives with administrative matters and communicating with them on their responsibilities as a team representative.
Equipment Coordinator The Equipment Coordinator is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the league's equipment (nets, flags, balls). In addition, the Equipment Coordinator is responsible for scheduling teams for pick-up and drop-off of the league's equipment, defining the location(s) for pick-up and drop-off, and coordinating with the Scheduler to ensure the assignments are properly reflected on the web site.
Scores Administrator The Scores Administrator is responsible for recording sportsmanship points asmd scores rom each week's games, ensuring they are properly reflected on the web site, and to help resolve any discrepancies with the posted scores.
Sponsorship Coordinator The Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for identifying potential league sponsors, coordinating advertisements or promotions with the sponsors and webmaster, and seeking special deals or discounts for our players.
Website Administrator The Website Administrator is responsible for maintaining the NWASL web site up to date, free of errors, and to provide a user-friendly, content rich site.