Our Mission

The Tucson Adult Soccer League (TASL) exists for the purpose of providing a safe, fun, and fair soccer league for the participants and their families. We expect our league members to act in a positive, friendly, and sporting manner. The TASL in turn provides both an Administration and Referees who understand and abide by these principles and ensure that violations of these principles are addressed and resolved.

Our History

The Tucson Adult Soccer League, established in the summer of 2011, is an outgrow of the Northwest Adult Soccer League (NWASL).

The NWASL was established in the Fall of 2004 with 8 teams. The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) was the original sponsor for the NWASL and, as such, required the league to abide by its principles, which emphasize sportsmanship and fair play. As we have grown to over 30 teams we have established the current organization to better manage the league business while maintaining these same principles on which the league was built.

General Information

The league is composed of four divisions, mainly based on the skill level of each team. Teams may be assigned to different divisions during the season based n their game results. Divisions are sub-divided into groups of four for playoffs based on the overall results for the season for each team.

Each season includes 7 weeks of regular play, plus 3 playoff games at the end of the season for teams that meet the sportsmanship requirements as defined in the Rules and Regulations.

Games are generally held of Friday nights, and are generally at 6 PM, 7:20 PM, and 8:40 PM. Currently games are 35 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. Players are required to check in at the field with the fourth official prior to each game. Acceptable forms of ID are described in the Rules and Regulations. Players not having the proper form if ID will not be allowed to play. Additionally, players not listed on the printed roster sheets are not eligible to play in that match.


The Tucson Adult Soccer League is affiliated to the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) via our membership with the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA).