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The Official TASL ball Games moved from Doolan A&B to Ochoa H&I 10/26/18 (10/25/2018) - Games have been moved from Doolan A & B to Ochoa H & I tomorrow night 10/26/18. Make sure your team knows about the change.
The Official TASL ball Arthur Pack 7 & Doolan B games moved 10/19/18 (10/18/2018) - Games at Arthur Pack 7 have to be moved to Ochoa H and I due to electrical issues at Arthur pack fields. Games at Doolan B have been moved to Ochoa G due to a broken goal post at Doolan.
Fields closed tonight due to rain (10/2/2018) - Fields have been closed tonight due to the amount of rain received recently. The field conditions are not playable so the field entities have closed their fields for use. Women's over 30 games scheduled for tonight will be rescheduled for …Continue Reading


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